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Open International Nail Art Championship



Open International Nail Art Championship MAGIC WORLD namenjen je onima koji se bave modeliranjem noktiju i nail-dizajnom, onima koji imaju želju, volju i smelost da pokažu svoje znanje.

The aim of the championship is to single out the best masters in this field and increase the level of professionalism of the masters.

The championship consists of two nominations, one is a live competition and the other is homework. Through both parts, the contestants show their knowledge, skills, talent, resourcefulness, and let the best win


Based on years of service and level of knowledge of the competition is divided into four categories:

  • Division student participant who has completed a base seminar and has never participated in any championship
  • Division 1 - participants for the first time in the competition, but in the business longer than 6 months, those who competed but did not win prizes, the winners of the student division
  • Division 2 - participants who have already won prizes, winners in division 1
  • Division 3 – participants who have already won awards at division 2, master educators


The participant can apply in the category larger than the one he belongs to but not in the smaller category. If you log into a smaller category organizer reserves the right to disqualify.

Participants who did not show up or were late did not have the right to compete as well as the right to a refund.

The rating lists will be posted on the internet after the awards are given within 2 weeks of the championship.

The composition of the championship judges is determined by the organizer. Judges are active judges who have the right to bring their own team but will not participate in their evaluation.

Winning points are determined by the system of scoring points from the competing rating lists. The first three places are awarded to the participants who received the highest number of points. The awarding of winning places is done separately for each nomination and category. All participants receive diplomas for participation in the championship.


After the announcement of the winners of all nominations will be awarded several special prizes:

  • THE BEST NAIL DESIGNER - the participant who wins the most awards in homework nominations.
  • THE BEST NAIL TECHNICIAN - the participant who wins the most awards in live nominations.
  • WINNER OF THE WINNER - the participant who has won the most prizes in the entire championship from both parts of the nominations, the award for the best master of the championship


And prizes for the best teams: champion team, 2nd team, 3rd team… The team consists of a group of at least 5 competitors who have the same uniform with the team tag, have the same coach or team leader.


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